New band "T.S.K.M.J" has formed

New band “T.S.K.M.J” has formed. They will have their next live on 2021/02/13.

—Important: The components have not been officially announced, but I’ve been looking into it and I think it’s them. Regarding the vocalist, I don’t know who it could be, I have several in mind but I’m not 100% sure.—

“T.S.K.M.J” members:
vo. K?
gt.純(Jun) (ex.BUK BUK)
gt.孝浩(Takahiro) (ex.RAINDIA)
ba.玉城総司(Tamaki Souji) (ex.マーブルヘッド(Marblehead))
dr.海青(Miharu) (ex.DAMY)

Instrumental sample of the project:



It sounds like DAMY or early DEZERT kinda, now we’ll have to wait to hear the vocalist

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Nice preview and good lineup but most important is how the heck I pronounce that?

Surely they are the initials of the components, later they will change the name.

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Nice to see someone from Raindia in a new band. :smiley:

This is pretty spicy, I’m excited to hear the vocals, I was wondering what Miharu was up to, I was (still am) a huge DAMY fan

From DAMY & Marblehead?..ok I’m listening. Easy to draw me in with a bass line, but I hope the vocals will actually be good.