New band Yuzame Radio has formed and 1st single "残照(Zanshou)" release

New band Yuzame Radio has formed and will release their first single “残照(Zanshou)” on December 15th.

Yuzame Radio is a rock / Shoegaze / Alternative band based in
Japan. Formed in 2022.
The music is always tinged with a hint of sadness, and Vo.Hakuʼs
voice is full of elongation and sentimental, which is one of
attraction of our music.
The single will be released on December 14th, and was produced
by Yuji Ohno (from Cocoro Auction) for recording and mixing.
We make songs with a unique world view regardless of age, genre,
or category.

I already could pre-listen to the song,
It’s female vocal and remembers more to soft-pop rock. It’s an easy to like song.

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