New band "ZEILE" has formed and 1st single "M.E.S.S" release

New band “ZEILE” has formed

Vo. 危機 (Kiki)
Gt. 苦怨 (Kuon)
Ba. 冥亜 (Meia)
Dr. 白 (Shiro)

their 1st single “M.E.S.S” has been released at 2022/02/15 (2 songs, 1320yen)


  1. M.E.S.S
  2. 白渦 (Shiro Uzu)

Not bad! Will keep an eye on them

The vocalist has a pleasant voice and the music is decent enough for a random indies debut!

Amazing voice. Definitely will follow to see more.

I enjoyed the song so thought I’ll buy the single even if it seemed a bit expensive for 2 digital songs but unless I missed something (in which case I apologize) it seems they won’t let you buy it unless you have a Japanese address? I really don’t understand why…

CD version will be released on 5/15 for 2200 yen and will include 4 new demo songs

01 M.E.S.S
02 白渦
03 世苦(Demo)
04 傀儡(Demo)
05 Unrest chain(Demo)
06 性淑女(Demo)


Nice, more songs! If they were selling this batch for the price of the 2-track version as a digital download, I’d spring for it but damnnn these prices…

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There’s potential there, let’s hope they don’t fizzle out or only release live singles and never release an album until they’re disbanded like a certain band that starts with S.

their new CD “FAKE” will be distributed since their live at 2022/10/15 at Ikebukuro EDGE and through Like an Edison shops since 2022/10/16


I wish this was a sperate thread but ty for the info.

Better late than never: the band’s debut single (and one of the demo songs from the extended CD release) is now available on a bunch of digital/streaming platforms!

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Their live-distributed song is now available online in music video form~


Sick video, made me like the song more than I had previously.

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Gt.刹那(Setsuna) has joined.

Limited release for 24 hours only:

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That’s pretty cool of them! I’m not that big on the song but I appreciate the sentiment.

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Oooh 4 songs, nice!