New band: Zetsubou REFRAIN (絶望 リフレイン)

New band Zetsubou REFRAIN (絶望 リフレイン) has formed.

The band will commence activities and release their first Demo CD on May 3rd in Nagoya. Further details on the Demo CD and the venue for the event are to be announced at a later time.


Vo. KITTY (?)
Gu. SHOYA (?)
Ba. Nagi (ナギ) (ex-TSUGIHAGI✘✘ (ツギハギ✘✘) →ex-re:Tsunaga ZERO (re:繋ゼロ) → ex-Reiwa×Shinsekai (令和×新世界) → Ushimitsudoki (丑三時) [support])
Dr. koumei (ex-Secile → ex-Anzen×PIN (安全×ピン) → ex-JAGUAR (ジャガー) → retired → Lucifer’s underground)

If anyone recognizes who the Vocalist KITTY and Guitarist SHOYA may be, feel free to provide information here!


They didn’t announce their 2nd demo cd! It came out yesterday!

They also confirmed at their next live they are dropping a 3rd demo CD on the 4th of September!!

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