new black metal band "Vandal" has formed

new black metal band “Vandal” has formed and their first digital album, “地​獄​変” (jigokuhen) has been released on 3/1 (minimum cost is 5 euros).

If you’re desperately in search of a good Japanese black metal band, then this is for you. Highly recommended :raised_hands:


I shall be the judge of that Vandal. :face_with_monocle:

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Perfectly serviceable melodic black metal.

as someone who has more or less completely abandoned visual kei for black metal (and some death metal) im interested, definitely throwing this on the rotation tonight

Glad to hear there’s still experimentation to be done with this sound, I wasn’t necessarily expecting the electronic sounds in the background but they fit there real well. Hope they find a label or a distributor sooner or later, it’d be a shame for this to go unnoticed. Thanks for the links!

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