New, but not really new. Ten here.

Um, yo, how goes it? I’m Ten.

I was never much a chatter on MH but… I’ve been around a while, I suppose. I used to stop in and just randomly like posts but almost never reply. My biggest contribution to MH was probably in the area of Awoi’s discography.

Um… yeah. I don’t know. I always kept coming back to MH to see what was going on in the VK world and to see what some fans were up to. So I guess I am here now.

Nice to spot familiar users and such. I’m sure I will enjoy lurking about here just as much as I did before at MH.

Thanks for havin’ me!


Welcome back and to the new forum. :wave:

Enjoy your lurking, but dont be shy to write if you want to. No ones gonna bite :wink:


Thanks! The incentive of no teeth marks is pretty tempting.

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Welcome Ten, hope you’ll have a good time here. :slight_smile:

Feel free to join our JRO Discord server if you’re in for a chit-chat ^^ See you around!

I actually can’t get the bot to verify my discord. But im trying to get in there. Haha.

You need to add your discord ID in your profile description to verify your account.
If its not working we could add you manually.

The steps are explained here as well

I connected my discord to my profile. It won’t let me manually type in my name, but I did do it. I noticed this is a recurring problem after I found the thread about it. … granted, I am probably still the one that botched it somehow. XD

EDIT: Neglected to say, that even though I connected, I still can’t get the bot to verify me on discord. (I failed “communication” in school. Haha)

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