New Idol group "MiiS" from Sunkrad has formed

A new Idol group “MiiS” has form, which is from the firm “Sunkrad”,
Which as same as DIR EN GREY belongs to!
You can read the information here:


Never understood idol bands in general, but these can’t even sing or dance…the looks aren’t anything to write home about, either. Them being a part of Sunkrad, I expected more substance.

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dead on the inside idol-kei on a 12012 budget in a true sunkrad fashion!

It’s totally not wow… I know greater idol bands… but they surely will gain popularity because under such big label. let’s see how long they will exist.

How completely unremarkable. Like they’re not bad. They just aren’t anything other than a bung-standard idol group. I do have an affinity for “rock” idol groups, but there’s just nothing to like or even dislike about this group!


Excellent, another member of the DEG Extended Universe.

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watch them outsell your vk favs


If this is what happens when pop idols try to incorporate metal into their sound then I want Kpop to stay far away from it


I really doubt kpop is anywhere near that point rn, it doesn’t seem like smth the average kpop fan would have much interest in anyway.

And thank God for that :pray:

This is what happens when BAD pop idols try and incorporate metal into their sound. There’s tons of good examples. BROKEN BY THE SCREAM is a leading example of what can happen if there’s effort into the music and not simply the product.

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Seo Taiji did it better in the 90s, but that’s because, unlike idol groups of today, had the primary creative control over his group’s creative output.

90s Kpop is completely different from the current stuff lol


Already done by Dreamcatcher also better and more cohesive with proper choreo

That Idol Group doesn’t seem to have anything going for it except for cutesy voices lol

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The average KPOP fan is female, they are mainly into boy groups. Girl groups with a cutesy vibe rarely gets any play. This group is definitely not gonna fly with KPOP fans. They are clearly marketed for the regular idol fans of Japan.

Dreamcatcher is the closest to have rock sound but even they get barely looks. KPOP is defo not into rock.

it’d be really shocking to see someone tryna use metal influences there, right? I keep imaging it and it’s just really strange lmao. my s/o is hella into kpop, I used to dig it but it’s not really my thing anymore these days.

I noticed that jpop idol groups seem to have less elaborate choreography compared to kpop. What they are doing seems to be on par with other underground jpop idols (limited knowledge here)

I like the girl in the middle lol, based on looks alone. She doesn’t feature much though.

Don’t want to derail the thread but I’m currently following rolling quartz (kpop idol-ish? rock band) and aina the end ( jpop artist) and they seem pretty good.


Seems someone’s trying to get that BABYMETAL money. Shame they’re several years too late.

Not quite sure what or who this is for. It’s not heavy enough to fly with the metal crowd, and doesn’t really do anything groundbreakingly weird or gimmicky to make them stand out. The constant autotune on the vocals makes this unlistenable for me.

It’s not terrible, it’s not offensive, it’s just plain mediocre.


I am following Rolling Quartz as well. I liked their indie stuff and they have potentential to be better. Their new MV shows that a bit of production money can really bring up the quality of their music.

Seems like a budget Passcode