New Indie-Band "The Local Pints"

The Local Pints started out as house band for CRAFTROCK BREWING, a beer brewery with a live performance space. They account their music as Pop/ Rock/ Country, american music interpreted by japanese people.

The line-up is :
Kanako (Vo/Gt)
Makoto (Gt/Cho) (ex- Her Name In Blood)
Toru (Ba/Cho)

They released their first song on the 16th March

On twitter there is a comment from the vocalist about the song (its in english too)

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I am pretty sure That the band won’t interest me, but I find the idea cute.

Thought this was her for a second. THE COFFEESHOP スタッフインタビュー vol.1 - YouTube

I wish they were as good as their name. Haha

I thought it was good

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I am happy i am not alone with that thought
But i like pop music too, so it fits with my taste in music.

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Funny they chose beer for an “American themed” band considering how bad their beer is…

And great to see Makoto is back, even though it’s not the genre I expected!

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I hereby dub this… Pub-Crawl Kei.

They released a second song a while ago.

Yeah i am digging their stuff.

They’re releasing a new digital single, called “I. B. U.”, on May 4. It’s a “shuwa shuwa pop” song with “bitter & sweet” sound and lyrics.

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