New introduction!

Hi guysss so I already made one of these but I’ve been feeling really lonely and in need of friends so here I am again searching for friends

My names Ami (I’m 16, but my bio says 15 i don’t remember how to change it)
My favorite bands are golden bomber, kaneto juusei, the gazette, and kiryu
I’m learning Japanese and I’m also learning to play bass!


I can talk about kiryu all day owo


Me too my favorite member is Takemasa

GREENIEEEEEE :sob::sob: we want him back
Apparently he came to the 15th anniversary concert to watch, but I had been lowkey hoping he would make a surprise return that day :disappointed:

Seriously, especially with Mahiro on hiatus, Kujou-san’s youtube skills are sorely missed…nobody realized how much he was carrying the Kiryu channel until he went on hiatus :cry:

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Man everyones so funny these days. Don’t feel left out! We’re all friends here!


Also you can change your profile description when you visit your profile > click on the summary tab > click on preferences and from there:

Click on the right one the account tab > click on profile

And then you should be able to change it “About me”