new limited-time band "ホコカツギ" (HOKOKATUGI) has formed

new limited-time band “ホコカツギ” (HOKOKATUGI) has formed on 1/3 and their first live will be held at Takadanobaba Club Phase on 1/30.

Vo: Naki (亡) (ex-ESCAPE (エスケープ) (support) → Zetsubou CIRCUS (絶望サアカス) → MAZERU NA KIKEN。 (マゼルナキケン。) → BIS (ビス) (as Yami (病魅) (on guitar))
Gt: Kagi (鉤) (ex-The Verse → ENVIOUS (as Kagi (鉤)) → I’m GREED (アイムグリード) → BIS (ビス) (as Pi))
Dr: Yakumo (八雲) (ex-ANSIFLE)


support Gt.Kaworu (ex-SiREN) and support Ba.Lyu. (ex-DEFINE) will perform with the band on 1/30


Ba.Mizuki (水希) (ex-バロムナイツ (VAROM KNIGHTS) → HOLOH) has joined on 3/1

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Oh my god, what is this editing of the photo, have you just decided Dalle 2 to give you a Visual Kei Outfit?!


okay looking at it again, it seems that it comes from him editing the background poorly out of a selfie.
hope they soon get a new promo picture because this really should not be your bands presentation.

PS: the two tracks were fun

yeah they just threw his selfie on there and edited it to look like the rest of the band, and they’re a limited band so they probably don’t care anyway lol