new limited-time band "迷子のおしらせ" (Maigo no Oshirase) has formed + disbanded

new limited-time band “迷子のおしらせ” (Maigo no Oshirase) has formed on 2/4 and they will hold their first live on Valentine’s Day at Ikebukuro Blackhole.

Vo.ゆう (yu) (ex.僕たちにはまだ名前がない (Bokutachi niwa Mada Namae ga Nai))
Gt.絢太郎 (kentaro) (ex-MIURA AYME (ミウラアイム) (support) → KARASU (鴉-カラス-) → MIURA AYME (ミウラアイム) (support), METAMON (メタモン) (support))
Dr.はじめ (hajime) (ex-MONDAIJI!! (モンダイジ!!) → ADULT CHILDREN (アダルトチルドレン) → Lynoas → METAMON (メタモン) (support), AQ℃ (support), Kaeru Basho (かえる場所) (support))


you know if they actually turn out to be good the fact that they’re limited time will be very disappointing. -_-

Most limited bands are test runs to see if they can draw and whether or not it’d be worth it to become a formal band.

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first EP, “迷子のおしらせ” will be released sometime in May; it was to be released earlier this month but pushed back due to production delays



late update, 迷子のおしらせ (Maigo no Oshirase) has ended activities as of 8/1

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f :frowning: