New Loudness album "SUNBURST~我武者羅"

Loudness 29th and first double album “Sunburst” is dropping on December 29th as celebration of their 40th anniversary.


CD 1:

  1. Rising Sun -instrumental-
  2. OEOEO
  3. 大和魂
  4. 仮想現実
  5. Crazy World
  6. Stand or Fall
  7. The Sanzu River
  8. 日本の心

CD 2:

  1. 輝ける80’s
  2. エメラルドの海
  3. 天国の扉
  4. All Will Be Fine with You
  5. Fire in the Sky
  6. Hunger for More
  7. The Nakigara
  8. Wonderland

Limited edition will include DVD live at Roppongi Theater.

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Amazing. How old are these grandpa’s nowadays? Cover is brilliant.

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I love this band

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Akira and Minoru are both in their early 60s. That makes it 2/3 of their lives in Loudness aldready. And yeah, going strong as ever :grin: