New project "Knosis" by Ryo Kinoshita

Ryo is back with a new project, after leaving Crystal Lake.

We got a little teaser up there
And he’s gonna join on a tour already with survive said the prophet


I don’t get it.

Happy he is back so soon but this isn’t enough to form any sort of opinion so I wait!


Weird snippet.
Also weird that in his statement he said that he left CL because of his mental state etc. And know he is doing another project which is also touring (which was one of the main issues he had with CL)?
Don’t get it but I‘m glad that he will stick to making music. :slight_smile:


I’m just happy he’s doing stuff :sob:


We got a full song, with visualizer


Ever since he posted a Linkin Park cover on his instagram story (this was ages ago and I don’t know how to screen record anything, so it’s gone now and I still regret it) I’ve been praying he’d use clean vocals in something :sob:
I like this, it sounds similar enough to Crystal Lake and the features he’s done to not alienate existing fans, but is still different enough to set itself apart. I’ll listen to it again once I’m actually awake to form any further opinions


Ryo going with the features
I like Dark Signa, they pretty cool
That’s why I thought let me share it

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