New project "Meny Da Familliar" has formed

New project “Meny Da Familliar” has formed. They will hold their first live at 2023/11/16.

“Meny Da Familliar” members:
Vocal: Meny
Guitar: 今ヰ佑樹(Imai Yuki)
Bass Support: 匠(Takumi)
Drums: 夏海(Natsumi) (ex.メルヴェルト(Mar Welt))



Wasn’t expecting that voice from that face – might have to keep an eye on this group’s activities going forward

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I like it, although I do have to be Dutch (aka too honest) and say that she’s relying on her head voice too much. I’m totally guilty of this too when I was younger, but I just know that this song would sound a whole lot better if she used her chest voice instead.

Their song writing is lit tho :clap: :clap: :clap: