new project, "project 74952-リバースコード-" (REVERSE CODE) has formed

session band “R:codE” has changed to new project, “project 74952-リバースコード-” (REVERSE CODE) on 11/3

Vo.霧咲ネク (Kirisaki NEKU) (ex-JAGUAR (ジャガー) → BUREA (ブレア) → Cu[be] → ASHLEY (アシュリー))
Gt.颯 (hayate) (ex-Re:Яays)
support Dr.梓姫 (azuki) (ex-TearLace → A’LETZA → Kimi, Shinitama Fukoto Nakare (君、死ニタマフコトナカレ) → MEME support , LAPLUS support → MEME support , KiKAKUMONO (企カクモノ) support , nasake support)

Glad to see Lara again. But that look doesn’t give me much hope. :smiley:
I hope I am wrong.

I wonder if that’s some sort of goroawase…