NIER clothing

Can someone please explain how this fashion label came to be and why some vkei folks love it? It seems like a newer phenomenon and i still haven’t quite understood where it came from.

I’m curious if it was started by someone in vkei? Lately I noticed there’s a section on closet child for used garments and I just want to know the origin story.

It’s just some popular fashion brand based out of Tokyo that’s popular right now among the hip crowd. It’s been around since 2016, just took off during covid.

i still have questions. like, does it have anything to do with the game of the same name? is it affiliated at all? it’s been long enough and I need answers haha

I thought it was affiliated with キラワレモノ Vocalist Sugar since he plugged neir and wore alot of their stuff in their mvs


The short answer is no.

oh really? i need the tea on this

Yeah so Kirawaremono had costumes or whateves but, they wore alot of neir related clothing so i had assumed that they were affiliated. Cause on his (Sugar’s) Twitter he’d always advertise their clothing by wearing it, doing reposts of their stuff and I think they have merch through Neir clothing.