NIGHTMARE×MUCC twoman tour "悪夢69" (Akumu69)

Nightmare and Mucc are holding a 2 man live tour called 悪夢69 !!! The two legendary bands that have lasted 20+ years will be performing together for the first time in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Yomi said he’d like to cover Mucc songs. Hopefully there will be covers of Nightmare songs by Mucc :smiley:


(Screams in American)


Nice pairing / cool idea! Gonna be interested in the setlists. Would be neat if they did a session thingie together with random members of each band performing some songs.


Would be cool if we get a collab CD out of this


There’s a chance their performances will be streamed but unfortunately very little chance international fans will be able to watch. Nightmare’s concert live streams are often region locked but idk about MUCC

Im surprised they havent announce yet a coupling single or some release related to this…more taking into account Mucc is doing it with all the different tours/events they are doing this year.

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Well Yomi recently mentioned finishing up a song like a week ago. I’m speculating but maybe it’s related to this

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I’ll be mad if they don’t release coupling cd with cover tracks by both bands.

Nightmare has done this exact format with other bands and they never released anything together :frowning:

they are recording a song I wonder if it is a collaborative song :thinking::thinking:

Dunno. I was expecting them to release a full album soonish. I don’t think it has to do with the tour.

If they cover each other it will be live I think