NIGHTMARE new maxi-single "Sinners" release

NIGHTMARE new maxi-single “Sinners” will be released at 2021/11/17

it will be the opening theme of TV anime “デュエル・マスターズ キング!” (Duel Masters King !)


lord that character design please let me off the ride


Budget Tetsuya Nomura vibes

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I didn’t know this series still existed. The game is long dead in America. All for NIGHTMARE openings as I discovered them through Death Note like I’m sure plenty of people did.

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LMAO I was about to comment that all anime-related visual acts that were active in the past few years have decided to pass on that visual prison anime a few days ago, and now naito are announcing a duel masters (who???) OP track. for whatever reason it’s so funny to me.