NIGHTMARE new single "FAREWELL" release

NIGHTMARE new single “FAREWELL” will be released at 2023/03/29 (3 types)

Limited edition (1980yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including “FAREWELL” MV
Regular edition (1650yen) will include CD (3 songs) only
Loppi HMV edition (880yen) will include CD (1 song) with 5 different jackets

[CD tracklist]

  2. despair
  3. the 1,000 days [regular edition only]


New album by summer I hope!

w-wh-why’s the title like that?


Previous album and single where very good (especially Spin) it’s a good comeback imo. Looking forward to it.

Hmmm… just a title?

I wouldn’t read too much into the titles, considering yomi is juggling two bands at once again and everyone else haven’t continued with their own side projects following the activity restart.

didn’t know about this.

Just this week Jakigan Meister announced their new live in ages. I’m surprised Yomi is still doing TNB, It really seemed to me it was the least successful side act (except for Bull Field that barely did anything)

I guess Sakito will do more solo activities with Jakigan. After the long NIGHTMARE tour maybe

Yomi has always been active in TNB since the comeback of NIGHTMARE, he doesn’t really do many things there. He is more focused on NIGHTMARE as well as the others. Now Sakito returns with Jakigan :saluting_face:


Not a huge hit, still like it. Let’s see the other 2 songs.

I actually dig it. And the video was pretty neat!

This band is very talented. They succeed to have a 23 years career doing the same song again and again.

I respect this.


Hate to say that it sounds pretty generic.

they haven’t topped anima but i’m glad they’re still around.


There are two kinds of visual kei fans:

“Ah, I miss the earlier stuff, it was so much better”

“They have been doing the same song 20 years I am bored”


I really look forward to the other songs, the mv is cool! I like it