NINTH changes to formal band NINTH IN PLUTO

NINTH has held their last live on 1/15 at Shinsaibashi SHOVEL. It is currently unknown if they will return as a formal band.

They’re back!

That was a lot sooner than they made us believe.

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^ damn shawty

NINTH has changed to formal band “NINTH IN PLUTO”

slightly offended by the black metal font they’re using

nips official


Yosuke is really into Deathcore and he’s the main composer, so the logo style doesn’t surprise me. You can definitely hear its influence in his song writing (though I’d compare it to early Madmans Esprit more than anything).

What really amuses me about their makeover is what seems to be the reference to Rings of Saturn in their name change, lol.


actually that should be “pluto in ninth”, if they’re referring to natal chart houses from astrology and not just throw around random words hoping the end result will sound 𝔰𝔶𝔪𝔟𝔬𝔩𝔦𝔠.

planets progress through 12 houses, not the other way.

flop name 3/10 would not recommend

Oh, I figured it was arbitrary Cool Words™, but pluto in ninth would actually be quite a cool name with a lot of meaning and it would be sad if they got it wrong.



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Was already shared here but the post didn’t want to embed ;w;

Ahh i didnt notice. Well at least this one went through Lol

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New visual

They will hold their first live on 4/29 at Shinsaibashi SOMA and 5/14 at Ikebukuro EDGE. More nips details to be announced at a later date…


Oh, these visuals are great. Maybe I"m more interested than I thought.