NoGoD Gt.Kyrie will depart

NoGoD has announced that Gt.Kyrie will depart after the band’s live on 2/22 at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, after being a member for over 15 years.


Uwaaa :frowning::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

No good! Kyrie was an essential part of their sound and a great guitarist, even if I haven’t been following NoGoD closely these last few years. And they lost their original bassist not too long ago. I wonder how they will move on from this.


Pretty tragic, I don’t quite see them continuing without him, but maybe that’s for a greater good, I think they got pretty stale the last few years and this might be the occasion to shake things up… Maybe new band for Danchou?

no :(

Well, this will either break or make the band. Maybe a new composer will breathe some new life.

Danm that does suck for this band he was a good guitarist dispite them having power metal vibes. At least from what i remember

Oh no… How can they continue without Kyrie?!

I’m also anxious about this, but watching Danchou’s youtube live made me less concerned. Even though he acknowledged Kyrie’s importance in composing most of the songs and being a founder member… he’s quite an optimist about looking for new members for now. I feel relieved that NoGoD won’t disband yet.


Glad to hear Danchou is looking for new members. No way could they continue as a 3 pc. unit