I don’t like this band, never heard them before the collab with Lime, but this new album is excellent.

I am probably one of the biggest Nogod fans in here (what a thing to boast about! :crazy_face: ), and the album overall disappointed me. Only 2-3 tracks caught my attention. The AoG mini album had better songs imo. What are your opinions on the album?

Danchou’s a favorite of mine, his voice/range is just insane and so perfect for metal. Plus he seems like such a weird little guy in real life and I am a big fan of weird little guys. I am super happy they came back with this full album and I at least really like every track. There are a lot I love, What Do You Say and Mind’s Eye are favorites, though.


About 3/4 through this album, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised! The guitar work is definitely different than with Kyrie, but it has that classic NoGoD feel and intensity. Most of the tracks are a lot faster and heavier than I was expecting and Danchou sounds better than ever. Great work!

I’m far from being a NoGoD fan, more like a casual on-and-off listener, but this new album sounds pretty fine to me! A good balance of melody, power and technicality. Also gotta love that high energy they bring it all together with. Sure, these might not be the most memorable songs on their own but listening to this batch of tunes is quite a rush. Plus, it’s just (an intro and) 9 tracks under 40 mins so it’s a breeze. Won’t be no album of the year for me, but I’ll remember it fondly and will definitely come back to it.


Come on more reviews/impressions, its their first album in many years!
The last song has grown alot on me.

I loved it
De inicio noté la diferencia que le dan los 2 miembros nuevos, Dancho mencionó que NoGoD se había quedado estancado y en éste nuevo álbum se puede apreciar una esencia diferente pero sin dejar de ser NoGoD. No me ha decepcionado en absoluto. Now Testament me ha encantado, es un álbum más rápido, con influencia de Iyoda Kohei y Hibiki es un deleite escuchar esta banda. Mejor que otras bandas japonesas sobrevaloradas. (:blush:

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