NUL. new album "EVILA" release

NUL. will release their 2nd album “EVILA” on 21st of August. So far, aside release date, album cover and summer promotion tour, no further thing revealed.


Hype as hell can’t wait.

Really? Their first album wasn’t necessarily bad, but nothing that really caught my interest long term

Will definitely peep it when it comes out! The first album was a nice reminder/return of Hizumi’s world, even if I literally haven’t listened to it ever since it got released, lol (so I’m hoping for more memorable songs this time around).

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Even though the debut album didn’t have quite enough to come back to for repeat listens, it was some reassurance that Hizumi is as talented as ever - I think he might just need more collaboration in writing… I’d love a full lineup for this project but I’m hyped for it either way !


The lack of scream on the debut album showed that Hizumi is still not fully healed but it was still good, hope this one will be as well.

Tracklist leaked:


I like it! HIZUMI still has a killer voice.


Sounds pretty much like the first album so far! …i.e. great to hear that certain slightly nostalgic type of sound (in which Hizumi’s voice is a major factor), but song-wise I’m not too thrilled.

I like it.
It sound more like D’espairs ray, (but it’s not D’espairs ray… :disappointed:) so i must like it.
I didn’t realy like the first album, i only listen it for Hizumi’s voice.

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I love it mainly because of HIzumi’s singing. Dude has one of those iconic voices.

I wonder if I would like it as much if someone else were singing it, but that’s not a fair thing to do. It’s an okay track instrumentally. Just wonder if it would be better with two guitarists. It has a nice vibe I just wish the guitar was heavier.


Premiere in 2 days.


Tbh, after listening to it a few times I don’t think it’s that disappointing or bad of an album. It certainly was less of a clusterfuck than Despa’s last outputs. Sure, it’s no Coll:Set, but that album is so iconic (and 2000s), it will be hard to replicate anything that comes close to it - plus this isn’t Despa, whose early style was really informed by the combo of its members, especially Tsukasa.

I’d like Hizumi to do more cat screeches and harsch screaming too, but I understand that he is simply not physically capable. I’d rather want him to sing for as long as he can than him to lose his voice again.

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