nurié new maxi-single "RooM-6-" release

nurié new maxi-single “RooM-6-” will be released at 2022/01/05 (3 songs, 1500yen)

2.カンセツショウメイ (Kansetsu Shoumei)
3.白を溢す。 (Shiro wo Mitsurusu.)


I saw that they were invited to play at a taiban by Arlequin with a lineup of bands including Kizu, lynch., and DEZERT and I was like what the fuck did I miss thank GOD these guys are getting the attention they deserve. Very hype to see art kei back in this way


Nurie have been killin it from the start, I’m looking forward to this.

That drip. Drip-kei is alive!
Waiting for that preview :slight_smile:

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Oh man this track is soooooo good. Love the change up in chords/melody for the chorus. So heartbroken for Yahiro’s family and the band.
I haven’t been able to accurately determine the statements on the band’s future but are they going to continue making music, or are they disbanding?

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From what I can gather, it sounds like they are going to continue. I hope so. I think when tragedies like this occur in bands, they seem to want to carry on for the sake of the member that has passed.

This whole awful incident kind of reminds me of when Rave guitarist Mikuru passed away from illness. Rave vowed to keep going to honor his wishes, but I believe they unfortunately disbanded in 2020 anyway. :o(

I wish the guys of Nurie the best.

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Single is really dope. Hope they’ll pick up again and continue activities.

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