Off to a new beginning~

Hi there, I’m XiL, probably better known as Seiji to a few MH members, who stuck around since the TW times and who saw me post some good, some cringe vocal covers in the musicians’ corner. I am sad that I found my way here under those MH-shutting-down-circumstances, but on the other hand I am happy to see something new to emerge and I am looking forward to being a part of the community.

I’m mostly into old school Visual Kei stuff, Nagoya kei and some experimental indie stuff, though I am not too well versed with the latter. But I always like to check out new music and I like to be surprised.
My favorite band at the moment is Creature Creature.

I also like to play videogames (might be a bit addicted to genshin impact at the moment).

I’m usually a hardcore lurker on forums, so don’t expect me to post too much stuff. Gonna try to get out of that habit.




Welcome to this newish community.

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