Oh hi! Masato in the place


Omg lol, I’ve been here from the start, way before MH merged onto this forum haha.

At the beginning it was pretty much only me and Nick chilling around haha.

So yeah, I haven’t introduce myself, so I will do it now!

My real name is Maxime, I’m from Canada and I’ve been listening to Visual Kei for over 15 years.

First bands were Nightmare, Dir en grey and the GazettE back in 2006.

Atm, I’m having a HUGE crush on Kizu, but I love a lot of bands.

I took a break lately of VK and only listened to J-rock bands like Coldrain, Crystal Lake, SiM and Pay money to my pain.

I’m a huge Coldrain fan, but my favorite band is ALSDEAD. Forever and ever.

I love bands such as : Matenrou Opera, Deluhi, Kizu, Man with a mission, One Ok Rock, Deathgaze (Darrell and so on), Screw, L’arc-en-ciel, Luzmelt, lynch., Versailles, Nega, Nokubura, Deviloof, Pay money to my pain, Rentrer en soi, Sadie, Sokoninaru, Suicide Ali, Dadaroma, The Kiddie, Vivarush, NoGod, MUCC, Jiluka, Janne da arc, Gackt, Girugamesh, D=OUT, Para;noir, cocklobin, Catfist, 9goats, Born, Acme and others. (yeah I literally checked my phone lol)

You may have seen my millions of post in the thread “What are you listening to?” I post various music not only VK.

I’m a big anime and video games fan!

I also write poetry.

So yeah, hope we can be friend!



That’s some interesting bands you mentioned which I didn’t know you liked!

Well you’re never too late to introduce yourself~!
Good to have you here!

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Haha thanks ^^

Well, my favorite period of VK is 2006-2010 ish. Lots of bands from this list are from that period haha.

Which ones you find interesting? :open_mouth:

From your list:
Para:noir, The Kiddie, DELUHI, Luzmelt & BORN

I used to listen a lot to them back in the days ^^

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I like D.I.D as well, I miss Akane a lot :open_mouth:

But yeah, I listened a lot to those bands back in the days as well. I bought all of Luzmelt’s release digitally haha. I think I was the first to share one of their single as well.

I kinda lost track of Born after the release of DEMONS or whatever it was.

The Kiddie, I like the earlier releases and the unexpected REDRUM.

Deluhi, well, it was on repeat daily, and I miss them a lot. They had a huge impact on my life back then :open_mouth: I recently bought their 123948203948 best of DELUHISM:X because it had freedom on it, my favorite track haha.

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Belated welcome to JRO! 8 months late I guess lol.
I like how your music taste in J-rock is well-balanced between VK and non-VK, and it’s very similar to mine especially metal bands.

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Thanks man :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, we shared music a lot, and it’s nice to see someone that likes Non-Vk bands :stuck_out_tongue: We’re a few, but we’re strong :smiley: Thanks again for having me here ^^ A very lovely place that has grown a lot since we first talked! Cheers!

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