(old) new in this world.

Hello everyone !!!

I listen to vk to more then a decade :older_woman: so i’m open to talk about a lot of things, i don’t understand nothing about forum.

Actually i pay more attention to Dir En Grey/sukekiyo, the GazettE, gulu gulu, Kizu, DazzlingBAD, Arlequin, Royz (and more), and i’m always open to recomendations.


Welcome aboard! I hope you’ll feel at home around here :blush: It’s always nice to have veteran fans joining us, and I like your bands list :slight_smile:

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welcome, i hope you have a wonderful time here!! what is one of your favorite songs?

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It’s a hard question because i never stoped to think of that but i’d say Nega - Soul Cry that music marked my teenage, still touch me today, maybe not the best but i love it.https://youtu.be/CUogGJRspp8