[OLD, SOLD OUT] Selling some MALICE MIZER / Moi dix Mois / LAREINE & Related

Almost everything is sold out, sorry!

I’m selling some MALICE MIZER and Moi dix Mois. Also a little bit of LAREINE and related artists.
You can contact me at adrielcantamessi@hotmail.com

I’ll definitely make very generous discounts if multiple items are bought.

Payment via PayPal, and I’m shipping from Belgium.
Shipping to EU countires 0-2kg - 10-14EUR (depends which country)
Shipping to EU countries 2-5kg - 15-31EUR (depends on which country)
Shipping to US 0-2kg - 16,60EUR
Shipping to US 2-5kg - 46,80EUR (sorry!)
Shipping to other countries 0-2kg - 24,60EUR
Shipping to other countries 2-5kg - 63,20EUR

Photograph + Item List + Prices:

MALICE MIZER: Les mizérables de MALICE MIZER books vol. 1, 2 and 3. Vol 3 has a little damage on the back of the OBI, but they’re overall in very good state. SOLD

Moi dix Mois live DVD’s: Dix infernal, Europe Tour 2005 and DIXANADU 2007: 17EUR for one, 42EUR for all three.

MALICE MIZER: Bara no Konrei post card set: Only selling together all four: SOLD

MALICE MIZER: memoire era photographs: One Yu~ki, one Közi, two Kami, and one band. 8EUR for one, 37EUR for all together

EsoLLa: Photo set: 13EUR (Singer MAYA was shortly produced by KAMIJO during 2003, as “BELLES”)

RIBBON (EMIRU and KAZUMI’s band during LAREINE’s break): SHOXX Trading Card: 8EUR

KANZAKI (solo project produced by LAREINE’s KAMIJO): Signed photo: 14EUR

Some SHAPE SHIFTER (MdM Seth band) photographs, including a signed Igarashi Tomoka: 4EUR

Two ART CUBE (MdM Seth band) mini-albums: 3EUR for both


LAREINE Fleur 1998 unused sticker set: 8EUR

NEW SODMY Jealousy single with OBI but no Christmas card: 5EUR

MALICE MIZER Bara no Kiseki DVD with OBI: SOLD

MALICE MIZER Bara no Konrei photo book withou OBI: 9EUR

LAREINE Métamorphose bonus privilege very big photograph: 7EUR for one, I have two

SHAZNA Dizziness single, serial no. 628 SOLD

Various Artists: CYBER City CD - Includes AMADEUS, BLAM HONEY, VELVET EDEN, Lamiel, L’yse:noire, OZWORLD and others - SOLD



Any deadman stuff left?


I’m sorry, all of my deadman doubles have been sold already. . . I might have some more in the future though.

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hii this is super late but is any of your Lareine stuff still available?

This post is super old and most is out of stock, but I’m still selling the following LAREINE items:
2 copies of the Chou no Hana/Lesson single, without trading cards but with all the rest
The Fleur unused sticker set
And two different sealed photo sets, both Fuyu Tokyo themed. One is LAREINE major era photo set E, the other is LAREINE major era photo set F.

I’m asking 2EUR for a copy of Chou no Hana Lesson, 8EUR for the Fleur sticker as in this post, and 15EUR per Fuyu Tokyo photo set.

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