One flawless and one disappointing remake/re-recording from your fave bands

Exactly as the title says if you can think of one. I’ll start:

Flawless: Suimin (2017 Homura Uta re-recording)

Lackluster: Shoufu (2020 re-recording)

I haven’t listened to it, but apparently the GazettE’s Traces Vol.2 is notorious for its re-recordings that sound nothing like the original song.


Flawless: Macabre (2013 re-recording)
Shouldn’t Exist: Children (2002 re-recording)

tbf if they rerecord Children inbetween Vulgar and WtD it could probably be better.

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As far as Dir en grey goes:

Flawless: Undecided remake from Glass Skin
No one asked for this: OBSCURE re-rec


Flawless: T.D.F.F.
No one asked for this: Clever Sleazoid

Although, to be fair, it’s difficult to limit to just one disappointing remake.


Flawless remake: girls be amibitious (from 7 samurai sessions)

I love the original and most old miyavi dearly but this is such an excellent remake. it couldn’t be more different from the original in terms of instrumentation but it pulls it off with its unique charm. what other album can you point to that resembles 7 samurai sessions at all?? And my god miyavi’s voice sounds so fantastic and controlled by this era

Disappointing remake - 素晴らしきかな、この世界-what a wonderful world- (Day 2 Mix)

Speaking of charm, did you ever wonder what it sounds like to suck it out of a song completely?


This is true. Some of the songs sound nothing like the original. I can’t list them off the top of my head but…It’s not the best Re-Recording but still a decent substitute if you’re unable to get the original…

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As for Dir en grey, I’m a big fan of the Kiri to Mayu remake, probably one of few people who are so I’ll drop that in.

For worst, it’s OBSCURE every day of the week. It’s impressive how badly they butchered that.


Gotta stir the pot and represent Macabre 2013 haters.

Best? Uhhh the Kaede version of Karma.


isn’t that the original version?

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Flawless: mazohyst of decadence
Don‘t care at all: Obscure (2011)

Just mentioning:
Flawless: Gazette‘s 体温
But don‘t have anything for the other category so didn‘t want to put this as the main thing.


No that is a rerecording. Original is on a demo tape.


Sorry but i didnt understand, I am a bit slow, are you saying this as a good or a bad thing? Personally, I love gazette re-recordings


flawless: deadman - arizuka (i am here)
no one asked for: gazette - guren/cassis (traces), these were great ballads and the new vocals and overall mix sound so strange now

also, it drove me up the wall how the updated versions of amongst foolish enemies didn’t hold the same vibe vocally as the original (while everything else felt similar enough, what was the point of re-recording or remixing it? lol)


Am not a fan of the Deeper Vileness remake as prefer almost everything they changed about the original version…

DLN re recorded by the Gazette was nice though. Such an underrated track so was nice to see that come back. :slight_smile:


I expected for this to be a mostly Diru thread and I’m not even mad about it lol

Obscure might be the worst remake in the history of remakes


Flawless: DIR EN GREY-MACABRE 2013

Disappointing: Kasumi.

I really wanna know what weed them niggas are smokin.

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Purple Stone

:arrow_up: Scar [赤と青 (Aka to Ao) re-recording]

  • It’s actually more of a toss-up for me, but having more prominent screams in the intro and outro plus the rock-solid solo I think benefited the song. The only re-recording from them I actually liked, tbh.

:arrow_down: sakura. [赤と青 (Aka to Ao) re-recording]

  • The first version of the song I listened to was the -Demo ver.47- version, and I felt like the remake with the “epic”-sounding embellishments totally ruined the mood of the song. OG was a lot more atmospheric and had actual contrast and tension.

Cassis new intro is awful. and the lack of backing vocals and the inferior solo at the end makes the song felt incomplete imo. (new outro’s aside)

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