ONE OK ROCK new album "Luxury Disease" release

ONE OK ROCK will release a new album titled “Luxury Disease” on 2022/09/09. The new single “Save Yourself” from the album has been released digitally on 2022/06/24.


  1. Save Yourself *
  2. Neon
  3. Vandalize *
  4. When They Turn the Lights On
  5. Let Me Let You Go *
  6. So Far Gone
  7. Prove *
  8. Mad World *
  9. Free Them feat. Teddy Swims
  10. Renegades *
  11. Outta Sight
  12. Your Tears are Mine
  13. Wonder(BONUS TRACK) *

*Is a different version from the Japanese version.


It’s been a while since we had a full album from these guys. I’ve long since thought their best days are behind them but Taka said on Insta that ONE OK ‘ROCK’ is back so… cautiously optimistic?

I found Eye of the Storm pretty boring and forgettable so i dont have much hope for this one.

I did enjoy Renegades so I will give it a listen.

They also have a North American tour

btw did anyone notice the new album title is pretty much an English translation of their first album’s title?

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