Opinions on Nazare's "Common Era" album

I wanted to know what everyone’s thoughts/opinions were on Nazare’s most recent album as well as the Easter release.

Personally, I enjoyed the album overall, but found it to be a bit random. I also feel it should be remixed, remastered, and re-released in the future. Also there are 2 tracks on the album that I didn’t like as much as the others which are Pride and Loser.

What about you all?

I’ll be back in a few days

True. Justice gave off the impression that the album was going to be like a continuation of their Jingai releases. Then sosei abrupts that impression. Pride reminds me of believing and blink, but far away (which is my favorite) came out of nowhere. If is where it all starts to make sense.

The first 1:19 of Loser with the autotune is so unnecessary and it’s downright awful, but the rest of the song is fine. Deadly is pretty heavy with the electronics and it feels pretty formulaic.
I really like the chorus for 共依存と生まれた執着は… its funky in a way.

Overall it seems rushed and like at first they were going for a jingai approach, then tried branching out from there. I’m not really disappointed since it’s their first album and they might need to shake off the rust, but I will say they should redo it in the future.

(Its still pretty good though I’d say it’s a 6.5 or 7/10)

I never got into NAZARE, and their last album didn’t get me either. Apart from a few tracks, I find the whole thing rather messy, as if too many ideas were being thrown awkwardly + I can’t stand the pig squeal screaming and the clean vox so… doesn’t work on me :confused:

When I first discovered them I would continuously compare them to Dimlim and that led to me not liking them at first, but then I heard Adolfism and that changed my mind completely.

You’re right though, this album definitely seems more like a rough draft than a final product.