Opinions on NUMBER GIRL ?

Im currently obsessed and MEGA HYPER FIXATED on NUMBER GIRL n wanna hear ur guys thoughts on them too… Ive never been able to find a band that fits all my musical needs and they. JUST. DO!!! ^^


School Girl Distortional Addict is a classic, I really enjoy a lot of the mixing techniques used that gives them such a raw sound.
It might be worth checking out ‘Eastern Youth’ (if you haven’t already) definitely some similarities in their music.

mogwai is enough for me don’t need number girl

NUMBER GIRL is great! I think they were among the first Japanese indie-rock bands I’ve heard so they made a lasting impression on me to begin with. Love their powerful noisy sound and energetic tunes.

Also gotta randomly mention that I absolutely adore this version of “DESTRUCTION BABY” (I used to have the video but lost it ages ago so nice to discover someone upped it on YT recently).

If I ever had a band, I would want it to sound like them. Versatile, pure, noisy rock.

Love NUMBER GIRL, especially their live shows. I think they were the band that first made me like the sound of a guitar with a Blues Driver and light distortion, rather than just liking really heavy distorted guitars. If you haven’t checked out any of the members other bands I highly recommend you do. Zazen Boys is really good.