Osaka puresound becomes online only starting dec 19

^ Puresound store in Osaka will close on 12/18, but the online store itself will still be available.

edit: wait is this the only physical Puresound store??? :skull:

this is the end of an era for me. the store was such an experience in person…


Shinjuku store is still open,
however with shinjuku store also having the same 20% off sale but starting at a later date I imagine it is also a going out of business sale and that we will see a similar announcement soon.

The Shinjuku store has been very bad for awhile after they turned half of into into a used dvd/porn dvd place, the bgm slowly became kpop and western pop, cardboard boxes stacked up in front of some older rare vk releases. It was obvious they had given up.

Seeing the Osaka store go is really sad, it was the last bastion for oldschool vk stuff. . .


Sucks ass being a VK fan in 2022. The internet killed everything (well, just the old things)

well without the internet most of us wouldn’t have discovered it in the first place. it’s been on a decline for years but with the majority of physical stores closed now it definitely has a different feeling than it once did for sure.