ovEnola new EP "UNDERWATER" release

Their new EP will come out on the 27th September.

And we will get an MV for “Old Ones” on the 4th August.


  1. The End is Nigh
  2. Enlightenment feat. Ryoichi Suemori of Sailing Before The Wind
  3. Abominated
  4. The Nightmare Swirls
  5. Deep Space
  6. Old Ones


They also just had two members leave the band a while ago, Bassist Tomotaka and Drummer Koji left them.

Their current line up is:
Vocals - kneeya (Kandarivas, ex-Sailing Before the Wind)
Guitar - anzai (Flying Dead Nyan-Nyan)
Guitar - akc (Lumber Coated Rust)

Till the new EP is out, check out one of their previous releases


Old ones MV got just released

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