Palastleben 1st digital single "Monaural/Danse.Karma" release

New band Palastleben formed in 2020 December with the following lineup:

  • vocals & keyboard: Marianne Shinonome (KINOCOHOTEL)
  • guitar: Shinpei Mörishige (FOXPILL CULT)
  • saxophone: Rie Takeuchi
  • bass: Suzuna Hasegawa
  • drums: Shintaro (MUNIMUNI)

After a year of playing only live shows, they will now release their 1st digital single on 2022/04/28 (they haven’t specified a title or further details yet). A music video will also be released on the same day.

The band reportedly has a new wave-ish sound, you can sample some of it here:


I don’t know them, but maybe I’ll check them out. Also they kinda have a cool band name, cuz it’s German.

Random thought to their name: Back then, as a child I always wanted to live in a palace! :laughing:

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Always for more new wave, that hair looks amazing, and anything with Shinpei can’t be bad.


It has been confirmed that the single will contain 2 songs. :sunglasses:

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The single “Monaural/Danse.Karma” is now out!

…and so is the music video. Pretty cool, I dig the atmosphere. :slight_smile:


The band’s new 2-track single will be released on 2022/07/23.

guitar: Shinpei Mörishige (FOXPILL CULT)

Also ex PLASTICZOOMS btw, if anyone still cares about them haha

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The new single is now out!

New MV:

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