Paledusk new single "Rumble" release + new member added

New single comes out tomorrow 4th October and should feature Masato from coldrain

(Truth be told my source was Nik Nocturnal his discord server this time)

They also were recently joined by a new drummer BOB


I am gonna correct anything later, if I have made any mistake


It’s out~

Not bad I guess, but feels too disjointed and random for me (even compared to themselves, lol).


Saw them live and as good as they are this feels like they’ve combined all their singles into one track.

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i am about to suggest something similar

Sounds like a bunch of riffs Daidai wrote and never turned into a song, smashed all together into one song.

I liked their last song, “I am ready to die for my friend”, but i am also a sucker for a poppy chorus and that song had one, this one doesnt.

I feel like this song should have been released with another song, or as part of an EP or album, but not alone.
It sounds slightly better on second try, but… not to the point i’d say i am gonna put that on my playlist.

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Yeahhh, pretty much what you guys said. Only now I’ve made up my mind: I don’t think I like this song at all actually. hahaha …well, they can’t all be winners! :upside_down_face:

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I did listen to it the third time now on Nik Nocturnal his stream, and i still dont get it.
Nik said it sounds like a albumteaser, not like one song.

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It sounds like they layered several songs into one track, I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to sound like