Paradox Live 1st album "TRAP" release

Paradox Live 1st album “TRAP” will be released at 2021/03/31.

BAE · The Cat’s Whiskers · cozmez · 悪漢奴等(Akan Yatsura)

M1. BaNG!!!
M3. Where they at
M4. BAD BOYZ -悪漢奴等 Underground-
M5. AmBitious!!!
M6. Get it
M7. Faith
M8. OUTSIDERZ -悪漢奴等 is Justice-
M9. EmBlem!!!
M10. 4 REAL
M11. This Is My Love
M12. CALL FOR FAMILIEZ -悪漢奴等 is Forever –
M13. BErmud△ Tri△nglE
M14. One Shot One Kill
M15. Runnin’
M16. A.K.Y.R -悪漢奴等 Go over da TRAP-
M17. Rap Guerrilla -Paradox Live All ARTISTS-

M1. Virtual Rush
M2. Crash
M3. Trapped
M4. Sketchy
M5. On One
M6. Stay Real
M7. Seize the Sky
M8. Walk On
M9. Let Me Know
M10. Way Of Life
M11. 24/7 TOKYO
M12. N.u.t.t.s

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Paradox Live 2nd album “LIVE” will be released at 2021/07/21.

M2. Life Is Beautiful/The Cat’s Whiskers
M3. Back Off/cozmez
M4. REBELLION -悪漢奴等 is still Burning-/悪漢奴等
M5. Mercy On Me/The Cat’s Whiskers
M6. Ain’t No Love/cozmez
M7. F△Bulous/BAE
M8. ROWDIEZ -悪漢奴等 Wanted Vibes-/悪漢奴等
M9. New song / cozmez
M10. New song / 武雷管


【LIVE Blu-ray & DVD】Paradox Live Dope Show -2021.3.20 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA- will be released at 2021/08/20.