PASSCODE cancels US tour, announces national tour instead

In what is becoming an uncomfortable new normal, the J-Pop unit PASSCODE has announced the cancellation to their summer US tour, citing “various circumstances”. They expressed hope and interest in a possible 2025 tour.

If you ask me, the prices for visas for foreign musicians are too damn high and this is likely the result.

Here’s the schedule for their national tour. It starts August 1st and ends September 6th.

PassCode Undo→Step TOUR 2024 Schedule:

August 1: Saitama, HEAVEN’S ROCK
August 3: Miyagi, Rensa
August 4: Shizuoka, LiveHouse Hamamatsu Madowaku
August 8: Aichi, ElectricLadyLand
August 9: Osaka, Yogibo META VALLEY
August 11: Hyogo, Harbor Studio
August 12: Ishikawa, Kanazawa EIGHT HALL
August 17: Kyoto, KYOTO MUSE
August 18: Tokyo, UNIT
August 22: Tokyo, UNIT
August 24: Gifu, CLUB ROOTS
August 25: Kanagawa, YOKOHAMA ReNY β
August 31: Chiba, KASHIWA PALOOZA
September 1: Ehime, WStudioRED
September 6: Hokkaido, Sound Lab mole

Source: PassCodeのアメリカツアー中止、日本国内ツアーに急遽変更 - 音楽ナタリー


Had the ticket sales started already? Maybe they didn’t sell enough and figured it wasn’t worth it. Sucks for both them and the fans :frowning:

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