Pay-pal question(trouble)

Today I tried to order from CDJapan for the first time.
I used Pay-pal and tried paying directly with my debit card. I usually just charge my Pay-pal account, but I didn’t want to wait for the money to arrive for another two days.
Since I never directly pay from my card, I forgot that it has limit for internet transactions.
Basically, everything went okay, until my bank sent me message saying that it refused the transaction due to low limit and that I have to increase it. I did that, but now I don’t know if Pay-pal re-attempts the payment later or what.
Should I just cancel the order and try to order it again with properly adjusted limit?
Any help is appreciated
I hope I put this topic in right category

What is currently the status on your paypal about that payment? It should update if the balance is fixed.

Also check CD-Japan order status, if it says “Payment Finalized” then the payment would be successful.

So my Pay-pal balance is same as before the order, and order status says “payment-pending”.

Then Paypal needs to confirm it.
Since the transaction is still in transit idk if cancelling your order would do any good… it’s tbh better to wait or contacting paypal if there is no movement in this transaction

Can you check what the status of this order is in Paypal? You can find it @ “Recent activity”

Sometimes if you buy from some shop for the first time they need to confirm your autorisation (usually takes 1-2 workdays if its stated)

It doesn’t even show up. I tried to input the name manually, it gives me the suggestion for it, but when I click on it it says that it didn’t find anything.

Well thats really odd.
If it does not appear there then the transaction probably is still need to be confirmed by paypal or it might have failed. Usually it should appear @ recent activities.


You could send paypal customer service a message about it with the transaction number (you probably still have it on your e-mail).

If nothing works then cancelling the order @ CD-Japan and re-order should do it.

I will probably just cancel it. To be honest, I just recently started ordering things from abroad and my first foreign package is yet to arrive. When I learned how customs and tax in my country work, I got scared quite a bit. I will probably order from CDJapan when I’m more familiar with the whole process.
Anyway, I would like to thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.

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Sure no problem!

For SAL/AIRMAIL/EMS they do have the “gift” option @ CDJapan- the charge for tax happens less and is up to €45 of item value, at least for me (I’m within the EU).

Anyways good luck with ordering, hope things will go better next time :blush:

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