Penetrate new single "In Deep Red" release

The new song will come out on the 4th November.

Check out their previous release “Step Zero”

Current line-up:
Vocals: SHIDOW
Vocals: Kanta
Guitar: ko-ya
Guitar: Tak
Bass: Kei



Nice to know where the Bandname comes from

Also song is out since a while already on spaceuntravel

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I am pretty sure there is no basketball move called “penetration”. I don’t think anybody that plays basketball and is skilled enough to create a new move would ever consider calling it “penetration” lol There are terms called “attack the basket” or "put your body on his chest and explode " but I am not sure if those are any better lol

They might mean what the team’s does when they are playing against a zone defense though. But that is a strategy not so much a move per se.

loanword shenanigans

that being said, penetrate + in deep red next to each other gave me the heebie-jeebies for a split-second, lmao

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