Petit Brabancon new live Blu-ray "Resonance of the corpse" release

Petit Brabancon new live Blu-ray “Resonance of the corpse” will be released at 2023/01/18

Limited edition (11000yen) will include 2 discs, in a VHS style special package, documentary, T-Shirt, etc.
Regular edition (5500yen) will include 1 disc in a VHS style special package

Don’t forget
come to a screaming halt

Pull the trigger
Isolated spiral


don’t forget this amazing cover art


Those VHS-style packages look cool as hell.


Been a minute. Don’t know if it warrants a new thread, but they’ll release the last date of their recent tour as a Blu-ray.
The limited version comes housed in a VHS-style case and with a bonus Blu-ray with documentary footage.
Release date is January 18, 2023.

Ah, I just realised, they’re not even including all songs:


  1. 渇き
  2. Don’t forget
  3. 主張に手を伸ばす修羅
  4. come to a screaming halt
  5. 非人間、独白に在らず
  6. Pull the trigger
  7. 無秩序は無口と謳う
  8. OBEY
  9. Isolated spiral
  10. 疑音

So missing are “Ruin of Existence”, the new song and the vocal/guitar solo, “I kill myself” and “A Praying Man”.

And the box art is a certified banger!


I love how everything posted here so far are all the exact same thing


Truly the resonance of the Resonance of the corpse…


that’s my fault, I think^^
was too lazy to make a separate thread and then asked mods to merge my post into this thread after it was created

anyway, December can’t come soon enough so I can throw my money at this

Actually love the cover! Cool as fucking hell!!!

  1. This looks amazing. The packaging and art are incredibly creative.
  2. I like the album but don’t absolutely love it, and this is basically just that but live. :woman_shrugging:
  3. Track list is somewhat minimal. Seems quite short, and they don’t really have any long songs.
  4. Very interested to know what’s on the second disc.
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The documentary, I’d assume

Well, yes. However, is that footage an actual documentary with a proper voice-over? Is it a compilation of poor-quality bootleg 15-second clips from the tour? Is it a bunch of bored technicians malding over guitar tones in a grey studio while a band member sits on the side sipping a coffee? Will it be subtitled? Will it be movie-length with a narrative, or 20 minutes of garbage?

This we have to know.

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Probably not. VK bands/Japanese bands in general don’t do that. “Documentary” as bonus content usually means compilation of live and backstage clips from the tour. No band would make a movie with narrative as bonus content only. Bands like ONE OK ROCK or ELLEGARDEN release those on Netflix and Amazon prime, not just to make people buy a Blu-ray.

I will be forever mad that two of my favorite tracks aren’t on the BR.

Nice cover-art, lackluster content.


literally this bands entire gimmick


I would buy this for the packaging alone

I was being hyperbolic.

But now that you mention it, this band seems like the perfect opportunity for a satirical mockumentary.
Imagine the arrogance of a Hard Day’s Night or This Is Spinal Tap-like movie from a band that only just formed.


It’s not even an hour long minus the documentary footage. 47 minutes of concert footage and a 20 minute documentary for 11000円. This band hasn’t garnered sukekiyo prices for less than we get from a sukekiyo bluray.