What podcasts do everyone listen to? I’ll list mine off first in alphabetical order.

Break the Bell (Libertarian podcast)

Don’t Worry About the Government (Liberal Democratic podcast)

Good Morning Liberty (Libertarian podcast)

H-TEN Hanshin Tigers English News (Hanshin Tigers podcast in English)

Japan Baseball Weekly (NPB podcast by two expats who have worked in journalism in Japan since the 90’s)

Order of the Straight Arrow (King of the Hill podcast that hasn’t updated in a year, but I listen to it every day and go to sleep to it. Created by a group of friends in Canada)

Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem (Libertarian podcast by comedians Dave Smith and Robbie Bernstein. Dave is set to take over the libertarian party with the Mises Caucus and run as the libertarian candidate for president in 2024)

Shake Them Ropes (Wrestling podcast)

Voices of Wrestling Flagship Podcast (Wrestling podcast)

The System is Down (Libertarian podcast)

Tin Foil Hat (Conspiracy podcast by comedian Sam Tripoli)

I used to listen to a ton more, but I’ve pared down over time. I was listening to a few Gundam ones, but they stopped updating. I’m excited to see what everyone listens to! :grinning:


The Visual Kei Podcast of course… :sunglasses:

I just wish there were more episodes. Maybe…soon?.. :eyes:

There are only a few podcasts that I listen to regularly:

DEADLOCK (Wrestling podcast and just pure chaos most of the time)

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet (A podcast where two siblings read 1 star Yelp reviews in a dramatic fashion)

TMG Podcast (Cody Ko and Noel Miller just hanging out)