Post in here every time an old jrock man is hot

There’s too many social medias, pLeAse Help. this is not about being “into” their music it’s about
:two_hearts: Respecting and Appreciating :two_hearts:
older men in their fancy marketing photo shoots or concerts or whatever. for example I never got into (REDACTED) or (REDACTED) so I don’t follow them or search for them BUT THEYRE STILL HOT I mean worthy of Respect.
Plz help me Respect them
thank you:

first of all theres several to appreciate in the Morrie 60th birthday videos:


testing twitter



the forum is telling me not to triple post but somebody has yoshiki titties and idk where they are.

dam chiba yusuke barely qualified as an old man, r.i.p., I’ll let it slide

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Define old. I’m a gen x-er so men in their 40s or late 30s not considered old to me :blush: I must admit Hyde is hot even if he is pushing 60, same as Mana and shun from microhead4ns is a babe :heart:

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60+ would be ideal :smiling_imp: follow ur heart but what we really need is pics of hot old men

who is

show me him :pray:t2:

o ok yoshiki can’t even announce that he’s been hospitalized once again without showing me his nips and i’m fine with it.

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gara from merry - 46 in july (!!?! hUH?!?!) and still slaying :sparkles: :kiss:


Shun (Microhead4ns) Age :48 (I think)


My love Ryutaro with his 51 years old :heart:


I’m so Appreciative right now. thank u

if we each sacrifice ourselves to follow a few of them on social media we can simply post here to alert each other when an old man is hot.
who on this forum is into buck tick or Luna sea because I am not but I might need to look at them for reasons

sussy falls on QT spectrum to me but he and anchang (or shall I say ossan) on social media making oldman posts is so funny and good

omg his cheeks

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ugh I truly hate scouring social media and depending on algorithm, Google AI needs to keep an automatically sorted live feed for me every time an old man is hot whether or not I remember who they are


hot man two for one: koji kikkawa and inoran

maki fuji still fine


I wanna know what he uses cuz he never age :open_mouth: Dude looks 25-30 the whole span of his career :open_mouth:

Is that just weird lighting, or are those trousers really that revealing?

no, look, FOCUS. we’re here to fuck Respect the Aged.

at LEAST post a pic before asking about dick. kids today.

me, a normal person, will some day kiss heesey the bassman right on the jaw

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gdi this post w/links to pics counts and im not in denial about how hot dir en grey is anymore fuck . just fuck.

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