Post your Visual Kei or Japanese clothing stores

I figured this could be a fun topic for everyone. Also for people who wanna actually get visual kei clothing or just cool looking clothes made from japan but dont know where to look. Ill post a couple of my links below i dont have many off the top of my head but these are the ones i got for now:

If you wanna go for Tanbi kei I can recommend this one. They have own brand Atlier Pierrot but also other brand including Mana’s Moi-meme-Moite:

I have used them and their service was very good. Fast shipping to europe.

h.Naoto was featured in a video on Shinya Channel not too long ago. I did not watch yet but saw it in the titel of the video. I have some pieces from them but did not use their online shop. But you can switch to english and they list countries they are shipping to.

Shinya’s video: