Post your X (fka Twitter)!

I’ve recently got back into Twitter after knowing it’s a great platform for niche fandoms - especially K-pop, video games and anime. It’s a lot more engaging and fun than I remember it back in the day.

If anyone wants to share their Twitter profiles, I’d love to add!

Mine is


I use Twitter mostly for my art, but it has a good dose of furry content, J-music, heavy metal, video games my personal life and occassional loud opinions.

Right there:

come and follow me!


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I don’t post much, I’m mostly just a lurker, but I’m

My twitter user id is Linhdesu
Feel free to follow me ^^ I post random stuff there :joy:


Here is my twitter page:
I mostly lurk, but I sometimes tweet random stuff, too XP

Besides Fanarts (vk or indie jrock fanart), there is JPop related stuff, random ranting, Vk related stuff sometimes too…
Click here to find my twitter

Just like some of the people above, I mostly lurk around by reading and retweeting stuff!
I’ll try to start using it more lol !

Always down to make new friends and follow people with similar interests!

basically music, visual kei, anime, video games, etc. :slight_smile:

It’s basically a kpop stan account, but if you like retweets and random stuff, feel free to follow me~

I use Twitter probably more than anything else. Shitposting, occasional VK stuff, random rants, etc.

I want to start using it more often :blush:

I’m extremely active lol

Just staking my username on the site, I won’t be using it very often… But if you follow me, I’ll follow you back when I am on the site (just be patient)

I couldn’t make a Twitter account earlier but I’m using it with no problem right now??? Crazy. Will be following back everybody ASAP.


My Twitter Account Follow me and i Follow you Back i am happy if you Follow me ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Just started my acct…Please follow if you can :wink:
I am a hardcore lurker so don’t expect much activity from me.

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