Project Nexus begins activities with Ex-REIGN and SCAPEGOAT members

This project formed back in August by Ikuma (Ex- REIGN) I assume this might be a project first then a band? Who knows but so far they have a live performance coming up on 2023-10-23 at Ikebukuro Edge. They also are releasing a blue-ray DVD of their performance 2023-09-04. So far they will be doing covers of reign songs. Also Ikuma is doing his best to support people who live outside Japan which is amazing :face_holding_back_tears:

Line up:

Vocals: 郁磨 (Ikuma) (ex.アンド、REIGN)
Guitar: さゅら (Sura) (ex.SCAPEGOAT)
Bass: 拓磨 (Takuma)(ex.Sel’m)
Drums: リョータ (Ryota)

Live/line-up information

Blue-ray information:



Ikuma is such a sweetie .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I know he’s awesome. Speaks English too. :sweat_smile:

He’ll send you a sweet message for following him on instagram

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Waited all my life since REIGN’s disbandment for this moment


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Mostly hype for ex-scape and selm guys here

They are good members too I’m excited for what this might turn out to be.

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they will perform at Ikebukuro Edge on 10/24 with Mathilda and Misui

さゅら (Sura) (ex.SCAPEGOAT)