PSB & XAVAK Albums postponed 1 month due to health issues

I announced in Japanese on twitter that sadly the upcoming solo and XAVAK albums due out today had to be pushed back due to my recent health issues.
I am sorry to those who pre-ordered overseas but I promise to make up for it by making sure these are two awesome releases!

XAVAK - OMAGATOKI - 12.10.2022

Some news I have not shared with the Japanese fans yet is that all members for Psycho Sonic Boom have been decided now also, A female drummer, a foreign female bassist (maybe you know echo.), and a male guitarist joining in.

made this bebe today out of nowhere after getting myself pumped to get back on schedule and decided to upload it same day as my health troubles are making some wait. Hope you enjoy it and thank you always for your support!


Hope you get to feeling better!

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