Psycho le Cému new single "アカツキ" (Akatsuki) release

Psycho le Cému new single “アカツキ” (Akatsuki) will be released at 2021/11/26

CD (1980yen)
CD+DVD (2860yen)

[CD tracklist]
M1. アカツキ
M2. ノスフェラトゥ(live)
M3. STAR TRAIN(live)
M4. 妄想グラフィティー(live)
M5. 摩天楼カオス(live)
M6. 夢風車(live)
M7. LOVE IS DEAD(live)

[DVD tracklist]
Psycho le Cému
姫路市文化センター大ホール公演ドキュメント (Documentary)


CD cover:

Oh wow, didnt knew that they still make music these days!
I always loved their debut album and Beautiful World from 2004. Think they went on a hiatus after 2006 and some members started the band Mix Speakers Inc (which I loved, though mainly the output of the first 2 years).

Psycho le Cému have postponed their performances for their national tour to 2022 due to Vo.Daichi’s diagnosis with acute appendicitis. He complained of stomach pains after their live on 12/5, after which he was examined in the hospital and has since went through surgery. Since recovering, his doctor has advised him not to perform for the time being, which is the reason for the postponements.

Psycho le Cému National Tour 2021「勇者物語〜幻想曲に選ばれた勇者〜」
[new dates in bold]
12/11 → 2/3さいたま新都心VJ-3
12/17 → 4/4 Veats Shibuya
12/18 → 4/5 Veats Shibuya