PSYCHO SONIC BOOM new album "Beyond the Crescent Moon" release

PSYCHO SONIC BOOM will release their new album “Beyond the Crescent Moon” on 2023/05/31. The album contains 8 tracks, and is influenced by MALICE MIZER with a more synth-heavy sound.

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The release was first postponed to 2023/06/30 due to health reasons, then to an undisclosed later date (at least I haven’t seen any exact info, but some parts are still being recorded afaik).

On the flipside, here’s a cool new track!

edit: aaand another one! oh boy~

edit edit: he’s on a roll!! :smiley:

edit × 3: incominggg~

edit⁴: at this point I’m wondering if every track will get a vid on YT, haha… not complaining tho!

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