Question about DAT

So I was thinking about and listening to XodiacK for the past few days. Today I decided to see what ice then know as Eros was doing after BFN and his solo stuff apparently he’s in a new band called DAT not sure if that’s an acronym for something. They apparently formed sometime in July of 2021 at least that’s when they created their Twitter account You can read a little more about them on vkgy DAT profile | DATプロフィール | vkgy (ブイケージ). Pretty cool member line-up. Vkgy doesn’t mention any releases and they’ve had several live performances so far but no releases at all so far. But I found this tweet talking about a sound source and DVD, I was wondering if anyone was aware of this release and what it was titled if anything?

Google translate:
We will ship the sound source and DVD of the check purchase privilege at the DAT MINI ONE MAN “Tsukishi no Gathering (0.5)” held at Sugamo Shishio on October 26th by smart letter.

DAT- Dudes Abs are Tight
jk…i think O.o
its Ice, San (ex BFN) , Karin and HAKU
I think Ice is high af in those clips Lol

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As far as I understand one had to buy checkis at that live in October and that CD and DVD were something like a special gift for that. So it’s a limited live limited release? xDD But that most likely will make it hard to find them or even just the title as long as the members don’t post pictures.

And there seems to be some release about to come. They’ll put out information about it from April on. Since they put that news together with the announcement for the oneman at the end of May I’m not sure, if this will be a regular live limited release or available outside of the live.